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About Works That Work, a magazine of unexpected creativity

Works That Work is an international magazine for the curious mind, intending to surprise its readers with a rich mix of diverse subjects connected by the theme of unexpected creativity that improves our lives. We publish original, in-depth essays and stories the impact of design, presenting projects that challenge and change the way you perceive them. Perhaps most importantly, we hope to publish articles that make great dinner stories to tell your friends.


Works That Work is a premium magazine reaching creative, highly educated people around the world. We opt for more content and less distraction, partnering with relevant companies whose mis­sions align with the ideas of the magazine. From full page adverts to affordable classified ads.

The previous editions of WTW contained less than 5% advertising. This way the advert is not lost in the crowd, and the readers enjoy both the magazine and the partner message. If you are interested in partnership, download our Media Kit and write to ads@worksthatwork.com.

Connect with us RSS Questions? Email us directly!